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The secret of making your House move less expensive is planning, getting organized, and staying organized through out and keeping a positive frame of mind. There are many ways to make a cheap move and many are very straight forward. Following are some ways which can make your move a lot cheaper than you might think.……Continue….

Moving in and out of an apartment building is a challenge in itself. Traditional moving techniques fail when it comes to narrow corridors, steep stair cases , lift access, off-street parking etc.

In a more tried and trusted techniques below points would help a self mover achieve a safe and successful furniture removal…..……Continue….

Moving House is a statistical and Logistical challenge which can be tamed by expert techniques and guidelines described below :

  • Plan your move according to the weather forecast if possible, a good weather move is always quicker than a rainy or windy day.……Continue….

Hazardous Chemicals Moving Tips

  • The best advise is to get rid of the hazardous chemicals via a professional chemical waste removal company..……Continue….

Piano is a heavy furniture item, and a removals job can never be taken lightly. You need proper planning and patience to make a successful move. I have listed some of the points which will make your move little bit easier…..Continue….

Heavy furniture items like Cabinets, Dining table , lounges etc are not easy to move. It required some care and tricks to avoid injury to your back or tear a muscle. There are simple rules if followed precisely can lead to a pain free move…..Continue….

Pool table is a very heavy item, and a normal pool table weighs in excess of 350 kilos. Proper planning, patience and co-ordination is required for such a move. Even though you may have 10 people’s assistance at your disposal if carefully planned steps are not made, it can easily result in a damaged pool table, injury to someone……Continue….

Every household has fragile items like, glassware, crockery, decoration vase etc. Its important to take extra care while relocating or moving, to avoid damages,

In brief our removalists recommend the below when handling fragile items :……Continue….

Loading and Unloading a Removals truck or Van, requires some thought and planning. An improper and poorly done load can cause damage and unnecessary head ache when unloading. The technique is simple and effective, and our removalists have put together some important points for an effective loading and Unloading process………Continue….

Moving a Washing Machine almost seems a no-brain er , but make no mistake there are risks which needs to be considered.

  • Washing machine never drain all the water inside them, so it is advisable to leave the door open for a few days to get all the water evaporate….……Continue….

Moving a Fridge almost seems a no-brain er , but make no mistake there are risks which needs to be considered. Having proper planning , the right tools and a second help can almost make the move easy.

Read the user Manual

  • All major leading brands have proper moving instructions printed in their manuals, and they should be followed correctly to avoid warranty void..……Continue….
  • Every household is full of electronic items these days. Due to high cost of these items, moving an electronic item require some understanding of the product. Although each item is different, there are general set of rules which applies to each one of them..……Continue….

This is the must have check list for all household furniture moving, if followed properly will help immensely in a smooth move..……Continue….

You have now moved to a new home, everything have gone by smoothly and now you stand in the middle of a room filled with moving boxes and you wonder where to start. This article will help you to get started, coming with tips on what to unpack first and what you should think about. ..……Continue….

Get Organised

For your upcoming house move, before yo can start packing stuff, there is some very important preparation and planning required. Getting organised is on very important part which cannot be missed.

Do you regularly have trouble finding things when you need them, or are reluctant to throw things out, even when they’re broken? if your home feels a little chaotic , its time to get organised and regain a sense of control before an upcoming relocation or Home Move..……Continue….

Moving with your beloved pets is a challenge. Removal companies will never transport anything living. It is recommended to take animals with you in your car, if you are not moving long distances. This will help the animal remain calm with your company. There are some general rules to transporting animals and we have tried to put them together for you to make your move easy and stress free..……Continue….

Moving can be one of the most stressful things you will ever do in your life. When it comes to taking care of children during the move, it can be a nightmare. They can be easily neglected during the move, they have to leave their best friends,adjust within the new neighborhood, it can be difficult to adjust with the kids of new school & community………Continue….

Melbourne City Mover’s Interstate Removalists has been operating on the Australian Interstate Routes for many years. Be it Melbourne to Sydney, Melbourne to Perth or Melbourne to Adelaide we are known for cheap and reliable interstate removals. Below is our guide to help our clients organize and DIY removals….……Continue….

People are usually overexcited when it is time for the big moving out. This is understandable. It is definitely a big step. However, not many people really think about all the details that come with moving. There are plenty of things that need to be done not only before you move out but also prior to moving into your new home. Take notice of the following handy tips which will assist you in that important endeavor of your life…..……Continue….

Selecting a right vehicle for the removals job is very important. Making a right choice will not only save you money but also save a big headache of not doing multiple rounds from pick and drop off address. A thoughtfully selected Man and Van option will ensure that all stuff fits and delivered smoothly…..……Continue….

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