Guide to what to unpack first

You have now moved to a new home, everything have gone by smoothly and now you stand in the middle of a room filled with moving boxes and you wonder where to start. This article will help you to get started, coming with tips on what to unpack first and what you should think about.
Think about what you will need first.

  • So I suggest that you have packed a “necessity box” which should hold all the things that you will need on your first day. Think of what you would pack if you were to stay away in a hotel over the night; for example, your toothbrushes, linen to make the beds, some food etc. Or maybe even have one small box or bag for each family member that they have close to them with all their things in it. Imagine you arriving to your new home at six o’clock in the evening and you cannot find anything to make the beds or your son’s teddy bear is lost. So a great advice is to have an “unpack first” box ready (maybe you even should take that in your car so it won’t get lost) or one bag each.
  • Now you won’t probably have the energy to cook or at least you don’t prioritize it. Make sure you have spotted a home delivery pizza place or a sushi bar near the house so that you can just call or send a family member to get some.
  • So, now what should you unpack first? The furniture is in the right rooms. You have instructed the movers so that they knew which item belonged in which room, so you have everything in the right spot. One suggestion I would like to give you is to start by making the beds. It is easy to lose track of time and all of a sudden you feel that your body won’t take anymore, you look at the watch and it’s two in the morning. Then you will thank yourself that you have prepared a nice bed to lay in.
  • So, what room should you unpack first? This is a choice for you to make really. What room do you think you will need first? Except of making the beds, maybe the bedroom is the most important one? To unpack the bedroom first will give you kind of a resting place, a kind of a sanctuary to fall back to. Or maybe it is the bathroom? Not having to climb over boxes or rummage through them in search for some shampoo when you are about to take a shower. I know all too well how this can destroy your mood, not finding what you need, especially in the bathroom. This room isn’t very large so maybe you should have someone, or yourself to unpack it while you make the beds?
    It is very important how this first night of unpacking goes. If you are too tired to even start, then don’t. We don’t want half unpacked boxes standing in the way. No, you should be super organized from the very beginning. Find a system and make sure everyone goes by it.
  • When you are taking on the kitchen you should have already eaten so you have the energy. This room is probably the hardest one, but it’s also the one that should be done with best care. Cutlery, bowls, plates and glasses should have a special place. You cannot just put everything on shelves without a system. You should already have figured out where everything should stand, so you can go by a list.
  • Living – and dining rooms are also important but these rooms can wait until the more everyday rooms are unpacked. These rooms are probably the most fun to unpack since you can make them nicely and decorate them.

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