Apartment furniture Removals Tips

Apartment Moving Tips


Moving in and out of an apartment building can be a big challenge. Traditional moving techniques fail when it comes to narrow corridors, steep stair cases , lift access, off-street parking, and long walking distance to parking etc.

Below are some tried and trusted techniques, which would eanble a self mover, achieve a safe and successful furniture removal.

  • If you live in an apartment building, most likely you are living in a city.  Traffic around the city can be time killer. Make sure you plan on a day with less traffic like weekends or afternoon on weekdays.
  • If your building society offer you a lift reservation option, in regards to moving furniture, make sure you book this service well in advance. Moving companies like to start early morning , or in afternoon time. This way they can cover two jobs in one day.
  • Book a furniture removals company at that precise time.
  • Reserve your off-street parking and ensure it is the closest spot to your residence. Under ground parking may not be suitable for trucks to enter, off street car park can be only option here. If reservation is not possible , try to park your own cars, so they are not taken by others.
  • If the parking is undercover, let the removals company know the height clearance, so an appropriate vehicle can be sent for the move.
  • Check the stairs, if they are too narrow and steep , it will be best to use  3 men to bring furniture downstairs/upstairs.
  • Make sure the removals company is aware of the stairs or lift access. In this way they can quote appropriately and will save you valuable time , which often gets lost in arguments at the end of the move.
  • If moving via lift, bring all your furniture in front of the lift and move everything down one by one and leave it outside the ground level lift. This technique will save valuable time. You may need help to look after your furniture as you are travelling in the lift. I have seen furniture stolen if not guarded.
  • If you have reserved the loading zone, then loading the truck should have easy access.
Apartment move is challenge at best of times, it is always recommended to contact a professional moving company for assistance to allay safety concerns.
Good luck with your move and do not forget to contact the pros at Melbourne City Movers if you need any more assistance.
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