Is It worth Moving furniture Yourself ?

Moving Company or a Truck Hire company ?

Many of us have to move a house at least once/twice or more times during our life time, and it always crosses our mind to hire a truck and move all furniture ourselves. You would always think that moving yourself will be cheaper than hiring a moving company. But once you start talking to truck hire companies , you will realize that the reality is very different.

Below are two scenarios for you, so you can understand the cost and other implications for both options.

Moving Company : Moving  a 1-2 Bed house with Melbourne City Movers generally take 2 – 4 hours and cost range is around $200-$400. This includes all the fuel and you get 2 professional removalists, who will do all the moving for you and even disassembly and reassembly of furniture if required. They will have the tools and trolleys to assist and blankets to protect your furniture . Even Transit and public liability insurance is included in the cost , so in case of an accident you will always be protected and the moving costs only start once the team arrives at your pickup address .

Truck Hire Company : There are only a few furniture moving vehicles you can drive on a car license. The most used vehicle on a car license is the 4.5 Ton truck . This truck is suitable for a 1-2 bed house . I checked Thrifty ( Truck Rental Company ) website and their cost for one day minimum hire in Melbourne is around $170 for weekday and $285 for weekend and GST may be extra. Fuel used will be extra cost and in case of a road accident an excess payment of more than $1000 applies. On top of the above you will have to go and pickup the truck and return the truck yourself and move all furniture yourself . The risk of driving on the road and protecting your furniture is all upon yourself. The rented vehicle’s responsibility is on yourself and sometimes a dodgy truck rental company can try to blame existing truck damage on you if you fail to inspect the vehicle at pickup time.

Conclusion : As you compare the costs above , you will see that in some cases there may be a saving of $100 or no saving at all and you will have to go through the hard work of moving all furniture yourself. Although you can drive a 4.5 ton truck on a car license but I think it is not an easy task and not many people will be comfortable driving. Moving companies are cost effective because they have their own trucks and do more than one moving jobs in one day.

So in my assessment, if you are planning to move , it is much better to hire a professional moving company and leave all the moving to them. I do not believe it is worth the risk to try to move yourself. We at Melbourne City Movers are always there for help and our Professional moving teams are the Gold Standard of Moving in Melbourne. Give us a call on  0433147932.

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