Fragile item removal tips

Every household has fragile items like, glassware, crockery, decoration vase etc. Its important to take extra care while relocating or moving, to avoid damages,

In brief our removalists recommend the below when handling fragile items :

  • If a glass is loose in a cabinet, it can resonate and come loose during a move or get cracked with vibrations coming from rough roads. It is advisable to put a tape over the glass, the tape will assist in dampening the rattle and will protect the glass while in transit.
  • When packing fragile items in a box, never leave empty spaces in the boxes, always pack them tightly using foam beans etc, so they cannot move or rattle with in-transit turbulence.
  • Never use plastic bags for fragile items.
  • Wrap glassware, crockery, sharp knives with butter paper when packing.
  • Stack the plates in the boxes on the side, do not stack them flat. Plates / Crockery is most likely to get damaged if boxed flat.
  • Separate the plates from each other by at-least 3 layers of paper or a sturdy cardboard.
  • Do not forget to remove the globes from lamps etc. Lamps must be packed in boxes filled with foam beads and well separated to avoid damage.
  • Clearly mark all boxes, and especially fragile ones, so you know when to be extra careful while moving boxes.

Good luck with your Fragile item move and do not forget to contact the pros at Melbourne City Movers if you need any more assistance.


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