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In Australia Furniture Removal means moving furniture from one place to the other. Some people can get confused with this term and assume it involves getting rid of unwanted items as well. With the influx of migrants from different cultures into Australia , the term Removal and Moving is sometimes misunderstood.

There are separate businesses which specialize in rubbish removals, but they are not classified as furniture removalists.

We as “Melbourne City Movers” specialize ourselves in Furniture Removals. Furniture can be as simple as a small stool , a bed , mattress or can be a heavy item as piano or a pool table. These days with everybody being health conscious , a home gym, exercise machine, a Pilates reformer etc. are also part of the household items.

With increasing wealth and health needs of the current generation, the furniture is not only getting expensive and heavy but also very hard to disassemble and reassemble. Furthermore, the blocks of land are shrinking and the houses on them are getting small with even smaller entry doorways and very narrow staircases. In other words, furniture moving is getting very difficult day by day.

Subsequently furniture moving business are facing big challenges everyday and have to come up with new ideas to lift furniture over the balcony, remove the entry door or fridge door, remove the stair rails or even move furniture through the windows. Sometimes the access is very difficult and the customers are desperate, there are simply no options other than to innovate and come up with a solution.

We at Melbourne City Movers pride ourselves in always doing the right thing and will never leave our customers on their own in difficult situations.

Melbourne city Movers specialize in furniture removals and moving across Melbourne’s suburbs and we move interstate as well. We do all the required planning, packing and organizing involved in a furniture removal service in Melbourne. 

Warning : Moving heavy furniture can cause serious injury if proper removal methods are not followed. Lifting large and heavy items is not a one man job, even pushing them to one side can cause serious damage to your body.

Let our Furniture Removal Experts do all the hard work for you. Our specialized removal equipment and our experience and knowledge enable us to make a safe and quick move for our clients.

We follow below steps to make your move trouble free.


We will schedule your move well in advance by email or by phone. We will ask all the relevant questions about the furniture and your house to help us in planning like, staircase type, driveway access, type of furniture to assess protection material requirements.

If you have not already done , we will list up all the furniture items requiring removal, including other removal items.

A confirmation call will be made by a furniture removalist well in advance, to give you a peace of mind.

We do sell boxes for your packing needs. They will be delivered to you if ordered well in advance including protection material like blankets if ordered seperately.

Our removalists will arrive on team, to disassemble & pack all the furniture if hired. During our Furniture removal service all furniture is loaded in a systematic way, so all can be loaded in one go. Everything is arranged and wrapped so things like draws do not come open and damage other furniture.In the case of assembly and dis-assembly of heavy furniture, we are fast and economical. With our handy power tools, we ensure a quick disassembly and assembly operation.

Our furniture removals team is professionally trained to move heavy furniture items, disassembly and assembly of furniture.

Customer satisfaction & feedback is really important to us, and we will dedicate ourselves in the move to win the hearts of our clients.Call the pros, to have a peace of mind in your next furniture removal need.

We promise to treat your wood furniture as our own, and all the care will be taken not scratch the polished surface of the timber, walls and flooring. Professional moving services by our furniture removals Melbourne, can make your moving experience much less time-consuming and stressful.

Do check our Heavy Furniture Removals tips for assistance in a successful furniture move.

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