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Truck Dilemma : 2 trips or 1 trip

When hiring a moving company you will face many questions especially if you have substantial amount of furniture . One of the biggest dilemma is to decide the size of the truck. Options are to go for a bigger truck and do 1 trip or go for a smaller truck and do two trips. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some of the points which should help you in making a calculated decision.

Situation : Moving within 15 km radius.

Recommendation : Smaller truck with 2 trips.

  • In short moves travel is minimal, most of the time is accounted for loading and unloading plus the extra half an hour for the second trip.
  • Smaller trucks can be loaded quicker than a bigger Truck, because you do not have to stack everything precisely to fit. So the extra time for travel is compensated by quicker load .
  • The truck is smaller and easier to park especially in moves around the city and easier to maneuver in the tight city spaces and corners.
  • Hourly rate for the smaller truck is generally lower than a bigger truck, and will definitely save in cost.

Situation : Moving beyond 15 km radius.

Recommendation : 1 trip is recommended on a bigger truck.

  • In long distance moves, only one trip option is feasible.
  • Two trips are not recommended because it will take longer in travel time and also extra fuel costs.

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