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Commercial Moving services

This is a post of important business and office moving jobs for our readers. Our Removals and Moving work includes both residential and commercial. From moving a whole commercial building to moving a few cabinets, we have been doing all the moving within Melbourne Metro and Country Victoria.

Posted on 15 July 2020
Location : Thomastown to New Zealand
Total Manpower : 3 Men
Below job took 2 days and Total cost was around $2000

International Packing & Moving : We Packed the full house and loaded the contents in international moving container. This job took 2 days, it involved moving all the furniture to the docks and then moving into this container. It required careful planning to ensure no spaces between boxes, thus no breakages during the moves.

Posted on 14 July 2020
Location : Melbourne CBD to CBD
Total Manpower : 3 Men
Below job took 2 days and Total cost was around $1200

Call Center Move in Melbourne CBD : We disassembled two rooms of these desks and relocated them to another building in the CBD and reassembled them in a different layout. It was not an easy task and all panels have to be carefully marked & cleverly rearranged . We were able to complete the task to the satisfaction of our customer.

Posted on 14 July 2020
Localtion : Somerton to Northcote
Total Manpower : 2 Men
Below job took 7 hrs and Total cost was around $900

Moving kitchen cabinets : We have partnerships with Local cabinet makers , and have been delivering commercial and residential cabinets for them regularly. Some cabinets are particularly heavy and fully assembled , its a moving job we have to do very very carefully and require high level of skill and professional moving equipment. Our Team of Garry & Nav are highly experienced removalists & visit our commercial partners in Somerton and Tullamarine regularly.

Move from Brunswick to Footscray

1 Bed House Move, with Lift access

We are the city move specialists in Melbourne metro , our removalists regularly move in the Brunswick and Footscray region.

  • Natasha contacted Melbourne City Movers in May 2020 for assistance with her move from Brunswick East to Footscray.
  • She had a 1 bed house with lift access and Footscray house was flat and on street parking available , so we recommended a 4.5 Ton truck with 2 removalists, as the best option.
  • This truck came with a loading ramp and a tailgate loader, moving blankets, trolleys and ropes were provided. There is always a tool kit inside the truck to help with disassembly and reassembly of furniture.
  • Natasha advised that the beds will be disassembled , and there was a Webber bbq, two small danish style chairs and some outdoor fold-able chairs and some other furniture.
  • We booked her for a 12 noon start . Gill was in touch with Natasha one day ahead of the move to check that all was good to move on her side.
  • On the day of the move, Gary and Nav were assigned to move Natasha. Because they were free earlier than expected, we contacted Natasha to check if she was ready to start the move earlier than expected, may be around 11 am.
  • Natasha was ok with the earlier move time, and the boys finished the move in 2.5 hrs and the total cost of the move was $250.
  • The boys took all the precautions against spread of covid-19. Wearing masks and using disposable gloves, which were disposed off after the move.
  • Natasha was very impressed with the boys and thanked them and promised to recommend Melbourne City Movers to friends and family.
  • We thanked Natasha for her positive feedback. We draw our motivation from our customer’s satisfaction and will keep working hard.