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Interstate Removals Tips

Melbourne City Mover’s Interstate Removalists have been operating on the Australian Interstate Routes for many years. Be it Melbourne to Sydney, Melbourne to Perth or Melbourne to Adelaide we are known for cheap and reliable interstate removals. Below is our guide to help our clients organize and DIY removals.

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Guide to Long Distance / Interstate Moving

Personal and Official reasons some times makes interstate travel unavoidable. Interstate move is tough time, and it takes a toll on the family mentally and physically. Planning is a necessity for a long distance interstate moving. There are many factors which need to be considered, depending on each person’s individual circumstances. We have listed a few common considerations based on Melbourne to Sydney Furniture Removals Travelling, and will help the readers immensely.

Truck / Vehicle

Hiring a Furniture Removals company, is the easiest solution for interstate travel, especially if it is paid by the organization you work for, but most people are not that lucky. Hiring a removals company for interstate move can be very costly and the financial strain can be beyond the reach of some individuals. The cheapest option will be to hire a truck for a few days and moving your stuff yourself. Sometimes the removal company may have interstate branches and it may allow you to deposit the truck after one way travel. This will be a bonus and will save you valuable time and money.

Selecting a right truck is very important and will require some understanding of long distance truck travel.

  • Select a vehicle with Automatic Transmission, as pressing the clutch lever regularly during driving is a strain on the leg and will lead to uncomfortable drive and a pain in the leg.
  • Ensure that the vehicle service is up to date and is not due soon.
  • Cargo inspection is a must, to check for any water leakage potential spots, you do-not want a leaking vehicle while on the move, or it will damage your valuable furniture items inside.
  • Check for brakes and Engine leaks, go for test drive before committing to a particular vehicle.
  • Check for fluid levels of the vehicle, and make sure they are topped up.
  • Ensure that the Air-conditioner is working fine, and there is a charger spot available for mobile charging / Navigation device charging.
Selecting the Right Travel Route

With the new age of technology & invention of advanced navigation systems, it is very easy to go anywhere. Navigation device will present you with a couple of route options, but selecting a shortest and quickest path is common sense. A more intelligent way would be to go to the internet and search for a more preferred way on the forums/blogs ( whirlpool forums ). Many people will love to share their experience for a particular long distance travel and will provide you valuable advice on selecting and avoiding roads. Always remember a bad road will create shocks and bumps and will can cause extensive damage to your furniture items. It is very hard to judge damage on the road from a distance while travelling at high speeds, Jumps and bumps are so severe at high speeds that it will throw unrestrained boxes around it techniques of loading a vehicle are not followed correctly.

Fuel Pump Locations

It is wise to know the fuel pump locations, so you can precisely select the fuel pumps based on your vehicle mileage and preferred break spots. This will save you valuable time.

Phone Credits & Emergency Numbers

Having enough mobile credits to make emergency calls, seems a very basic and common need, but you will be amazed to know how many people do not pay much attention and their credits expire on the move, or well before it. Writing emergency toe truck numbers will be helpful in tough road times.

Multiple Drivers

Having multiple drivers is a blessing. Distances over 400 Kms can be a strain on the driver, and having second driver will save on must have rest time. Two can talk and entertain each other and will be a safer option than just a 1 driver. Having myself experienced sydney to Melbourne travel, i can say it can get pretty boring for single driver, and if proper rest is not taken is a very risky option. If rest is avoided, the sleep will eventually take over and will prove deadly for the individual.

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