Planning to Move House in Melbourne ?, Below  Q & A  are most commonly asked.

  • We are following the Victorian Government’s Covid Safe plan, which includes keeping records of our daily contacts.
  • Our Teams are following hygiene protocols of cleaning hands and masks are provided and used if the situation warrants.
  • Teams are asked to wear clean clothes and use disposable gloves every day.
  • In regards to Social distancing, there are two men in the truck and they try to be as far as possible, but when lifting things , it may not be possible to maintain the distance sometimes.
  • We make sure that all our working removalists have not been in touch with anyone who has come from overseas.
  • If any moving team member is not feeling well, we make sure they rest at home and get checked by doctor before they can resume moving houses.
  • Trucks are spray sanitized inside every evening and all moving blankets are also sanitized.
  • Sometimes it may not be possible to clean the truck and blankets for afternoon jobs, but the boys have sanitizing sprays inside truck and try to keep different set of sanitized blankets for afternoon jobs.

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Covid-19 Update

Excluding holidays, the most economical time to move is Monday To Friday.

One trip or 2 trips , depend on the distance of travel . If moving within 10 km or city area, 2 trips will be ok, beyond that only 1 trip is recommended. More detail is described here……..

Reviews are an interesting topic, there are a lot of companies which manipulate reviews to stay in business. When you search in google and see more than 500 reviews shown by some companies in Melbourne and that too all 5 stars, it surprises me a lot. And its not just one Melbourne removals company , most companies I see online show these 5 star reviews in huge numbers. Companies are gaming the system to attract new customers and the real customers cannot even post a review on these company’s sites.

Our customer reviews on Google are real and we do not manipulate them like other moving companies. We trust our experience and believe in our destiny.  More Detail here……..

We are repeatedly asked , who are our teams ?. Are they Japanese / Chinese movers, Indian Movers, Singh movers, Irish, Europeans or are they Ozzies!. We understand that some customers want the ease of communicating in their own native language and feel more comfortable in the presence of someone who is culturally alike.

Still we feel very awkward answering this questions, and our reply is that all our teams are very hardworking and come different ethnic backgrounds. It does not matter how they look, but how hardworking they are. They may or may not be able to speak in languages other than English but they have the patience to understand your needs and will help you to get the job done in a highly professional way.

All our teams are very hardworking, honest and trained and will perform to the best of their abilities. They are not weak or lack strength in anyway and they will take all precautions to protect your furniture against damage and themselves against injury.

  1. Search for “Removalists Melbourne” or “Movers Melbourne” in Google Search.
  2. Get a quote from all the companies you like.
  3. After getting quotes check for their reviews online. Please make sure you only check their google reviews.
  4. Filter Google reviews to “Negative first “. In this way you can ignore the positive reviews which some companies post themselves to counter the negative reviews.
  5. Check the dates of the negative reviews, were they posted recently or years back. Here you can make a judgement on the quality of the moving service.
  6. Also be careful about 100% 5 star reviews, because nobody is perfect in this imperfect world.

Table Price against Reviews and you have your best moving options.

Melbourne City Movers’s price is very competitive and priced in a way to meet every clients needs. We work on an hourly basis and can provide a fixed price if requested, which will involve an onsite visit. Quote is based on moving location, no of story’s in the building, heavy items like a piano etc and pick-up to drop-off location, lift access or stairs etc.

To Hire a truck costs in the range of $250 per day plus the labor hire for your removals needs, the end cost can become more than twice than if you would have hired a removalist from Melbourne City Movers. If you want to save on money and headache get in touch with pros at Melbourne City Removalists.

Our Customer service people are our experienced removalists , which are experienced in the art of moving. All of your questions will be answered precisely and professionally, and you will be given a precise and accurate quote on the spot. We will also guide you to the vehicle size to choose based on your needs and give you most economical solution.

We will give you an accurate time of arrival in the Morning and our large fleet will ensure that there is no delay even at times of accidents. Afternoon job start time depends on the time Morning job finishes, so harder to predict. Based on our experience we normally predict it very accurately but sometimes there can be around 1 hour delay.

Yes, Stairs are extra burden on the Removalists, and require additional strength and techniques. It can take a toll on the movers and reduces their ability to work full day. A standard $1 per stair step extra charge applies on top of the total moving charges. Its a one off fee only and will not cost  you everytime the removalists go up and down the stairs.

Yes, weekend work is charged $10/hr extra to our weekdays hours as stated in the charges section.

 Once you confirm the booking with us, we will provide you with a written confirmation of the quote, day and time of service, Vehicle size details and number of removalists for the job. We will also mail you our terms and Conditions of service.

We are not authorized to move Combustible items , explosives and hazardous chemicals. Please contact the experts to get rid of these items. Barbecues must be disconnected from gas bottles and gas bottles must be moved separately in car. A leaking gas bottle is like a bomb and care must be taken to check all leaks before moving.

To prepare before the removalists arrive, please go through our mover’s checklist.

There can be cancellation fee applicable , esp if the notice of cancellation was given less than 48 hours before the move. On other occasions we can cancel the jobs where the boys can see potential health and safety issues. More detail here…

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