Best time to start your Move?

Most of the time we are bound by pre-commitments and building rules or availability of lifts and we may have no choice but to start at a time which may not be the best time to move.

But if you are have things under control and are flexible with times, below points will help you in your move time decision.

  • Afternoon time : Avoid afternoon start time if you have lifts to move and there are strict booking rules. Because sometimes there can be delays starting afternoon jobs, because its not possible for moving companies to finish morning jobs at exact time and they can go over time and take a bit longer than expected.
  • Apartments: Check morning allowed start time with your building manager before you book with a moving company.
  • Emergency : If you have to move in an emergency or short notice, you should consider moving on Tuesday to Thursday. Monday and weekends are very busy and people book them well in advance.
  • Avoid 10/11 am Start : On most days, moving companies do two jobs . Morning jobs start around 7 to 9.30 am and afternoon job start around 12 to 2pm. Starting late in morning will definitely delay the afternoon job start time or the moving company may not be able to cover afternoon jobs at all if they start first job of the day at 11 am, resulting in lost revenue. Consequently most moving companies will refuse 10/11 am start.
  • Morning 7/9 am start : Try to start in the morning as early as possible. Moving teams are fresh in the morning and will always start on time. The move will finish in the afternoon and you can do your unpacking and finish all before dark.
  • Moving after 4 pm : Moving late will cost your extra and there are not many moving companies willing to start job that late. Tired removalists will be slow and may refuse the job if they do not feel good.
  • Inform Moving companies : Be clear about your moving time, and if there can be no delays allowed and accepted , inform your moving company. Melbourne City Movers always take extra precaution when times are strict and make sure our customers are not left stranded and have no-where to go.

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