Moving Troubles : Cancellation

Moving furniture brings its own kinds of issues sometimes. We try to ask as many questions as possible during booking process but there can be many surprises when the actual job starts. Occasionally it happens that we are forced to cancel services on the spot, below are a few of our experiences :

  • Rubbish Removals :The houses are not a very good condition and all that is being moved is rubbish, the experiences we had in these removals jobs is that , the boys reluctantly load the rubbish and when they reach the destination , there is no one to pay or take delivery and we are stuck with removal of rubbish. So sometimes we have to explain our clients that we are not a rubbish removal company and cannot help them.
  • Health Hazard: It has happened that the smell and filth encountered in some homes forces the boys to refuse the job. We as managers have a responsibility to give our removalists a safe and comfortable environment , and if they refuse a job we cannot force them to do it.
  • Safety Hazard : If there are glass and other construction materials scattered around the house, it becomes a safety trip hazard and may be an injury risk to the moving team. The boys have the right to assess and refuse the job .
  • Verbal Abuse : Occasionally we encounter verbal abuse at the hands of our clients without no reason at all, if the matter gets out of hand the boys just walk away from job, or in some cases the police had to be called to intervene. Our Moving teams are very respectful and understand that moving is a stressful time for many people, but threat of violence and racial abuse is not tolerated and will result in instant cancellation of job.

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