Moving with Pets

Moving with your beloved pets is a challenge. Removal companies will never transport anything living. It is recommended to take animals with you in your car, if you are not moving long distances. This will help the animal remain calm with your company. There are some general rules to transporting animals and we have tried to put them together for you to make your move easy and stress free.

  • If your pet is not used to travelling in a car, try to take him out in car a few times before the move ( at-least 1 month in advance ), so it gets used to transportation jerks, shocks and motion and also help them get used in the tight space of a car.
  • Animals with travelling experience know that they have to sit all the way until the vehicle stops. This helps in avoiding any injury to the animal during travelling.
  • Even if you follow all the instruction, there is good chances that during the actual move, the animals can get irritated and aggressive. So it is advised to consult your veterinary doctor for sedative medication as a precautionary measure.
  • Never leave your pets in vehicles with the windows closed, as they can die of the excessive heat generation inside glass windows.
  • If you are planning to stop along the way, for more than 1 hour, its advised to find a animal care facility near the location upfront. Never leave them in the vehicle unattented for more than an Hour.
  • Do not forget to leash them before you take them out of the vehicle
  • Do not water / feed your pets excessively before the move, it is advised to not feed them, at-least 4 hours before the move. If the above instructions are not followed they will surely poop/urinate in the vehicle.

Please note the animal moving tips are for general information only, please consult your veterinary expert for professional advice.

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