Organization Before and Аfter the Move

People are usually overexcited when it is time for the big moving out. This is understandable. It is definitely a big step. However, not many people really think about all the details that come with moving. There are plenty of things that need to be done not only before you move out but also prior to moving into your new home. Take notice of the following handy tips which will assist you in that important endeavor of your life.
Things you should do before you move out
If you are renting the place, then you have most definitely made a deposit to your landlord. A certain amount of money which you would love to receive back. In order to do so, you must leave the place in as good of a condition as it had been when you moved in. On the other hand, if you own the place, you should make it look presentable so that you could easily sell it. Whichever the case, consider this:

1. Patch up holes.
Once you’ve already taken down all your paintings and artwork, remove the nails and screws. After that, fill out the holes with spackling paste. Optionally, sand the surface so that it is smooth and could be easily painted over.

2. Clean kitchen appliances
Provided that the fridge and oven were already there when you moved in (or if they belong to you and you’d like to sell them along with the house), a smart thing to do is give them a nice clean.

3. An overall cleaning
Give your apartment an overall sparkling look. If you think of this task as too time-consuming, there are always cleaning companies at your service. After all, cleanliness is the thing that makes the first impression.

4. Leave the apartment empty
Don’t think you are doing your landlord/future owner a favor by leaving behind the old drying rack or a couple of packets of flour. Take whatever is yours and you will need it. The rest you can throw away.

5. Gather all the keys
This includes the spare ones and those that have been given to your parents/neighbors. The place will no longer be inhabited by you, so you won’t be needing any keys.

6. Plan a walk-through
Present the clean and good looking house/apartment to your landlord/buyer. This will show him that you have taken good care of the place.

Things you must do before you move in
So, you’ve finally left the old behind, but prior to setting step into your new home, there are some things that need to be paid attention to.

1. Change the toilet seat
This basically has to do not that much with the seat itself but with the whole bathroom. You don’t know who has used it and how much he/she cared about hygiene, so it’s a must to give the place a good scrubbing. And yes, do change the toilet seat.

2. Change the locks
You never know whether someone out there still has a key, so why take such a risk?

3. Call the exterminator
Even if there are no visible signs of rodents and insects, it is a good idea to call the exterminator for a roundup check. This is the only way to make sure your new place will be pest-free.

4. Clean and disinfect the kitchen appliances
If the place comes with an oven and a fridge, do not start using them right away. Again, you have no idea what the former inhabitants’ hygiene habits were. It is a little bit time-consuming to make the oven and fridge sparkling, but they need to be. After all, you put your food in them.

5. Don’t use any left behind stuff
This especially applies to food. Do not take the risk of getting sick, just because that pack of ice cream was there, presumably waiting for you.

Moving into a new house sure is exciting, but if you would like to actually turn the house into a home, you have to take matters in your own hands.

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