Removals Truck / Van Loading & Unloading Tips


Loading and Unloading a Removals truck or Van, requires some thought and planning. A improperly and not thoughtfully done load can cause damage and unnecessary head ache when unloading. The technique is simple and effective, and our removalists have put together some important points for an effective loading and Unloading process.

Loading a Truck
  • Start with big flat things like bed-heads, Mattress, Folding furniture, Dining table top. Load them and position them to the side of the truck and restrain them with straps securely. Use Blankets or protection sheets to protect the polished surfaces against scratches.
  • Big Mirrors and glasses are best placed between mattresses to protect them against scratches and potential shock damage.
  • Use a trolley to move boxes for loading, it can save you multiple rounds and an unneeded fatigue to your body.
  • Mark the boxes as per stuff location inside them, so you can easily move them to the appropriate rooms when unloading.
  • Load heavy boxes in the middle part of the truck floor and spread heavy things in way to make a flat platform for more stuff needed to be stacked.
  • Light boxes are best loaded when heavy item load is finishes. Place these boxes over the top of heavy boxes.
  • Load Fridge and Washing machines at the last.
Unloading a Truck
A Truck loaded with proper planning and care will take any worries out of an Unloading job. There are a few things which need to be considered while unloading a fully loaded removals truck.
  • Be very carefully when you open the rear gates of the truck because momentum can make the transit boxes press on to the gates and can easily fall over you.
  • Position the truck for unloading close to the entrance, and make sure there are no tripping hazard.
  • Clear the pathway to the house and open main doors.
  • If the boxes are marked properly, they can be painlessly moved to the appropriate location.
Good luck with your move and do not forget to contact the pros at Melbourne City Movers if you need any more assistance.
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