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We are the furniture removals specialists in Melbourne. Our Teams are trained and highly experienced and comes equipped with Furniture moving equipment like :

  • Trolleys : Normal 2 wheel trolleys as well as 4 wheel trolleys for big furniture and piano Dolleys for moving Pianos.
  • Blankets : Moving blankets and wraps are provided and used during the moves, protecting white goods and other fragile items like TV etc, where original packing is not available.
  • Shoulder Straps : We keep ourselves updated with new technology , which helps us to move heavy furniture with ease. Shoulder straps are extremely helpful in moving heavy furniture and are a must for side boards and hutches especially over stairs .
  • Loading Ramps / Tailgate : Our Trucks have ramps or tail lifts at the end or even both , so difficult and uneven shaped furniture is loaded with ease. Loading capacity for tailgate and ramps is upto 500 kilos and can easily accommodate Upright Pianos.

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Our expert removalists are experienced packers as well. Packing and moving on the same day is our speciality but if required our Packing Teams can come before hand and can perform packing only jobs professionaly.  We provide quality cardboard boxes of varying sizes at a cheap price. If required we can even arrange unpacking after delivery.
Our Moving Boxes comes in various sizes and shapes. We supply all packing materials including butcher paper, shrink wraps, moving blankets, our most famous box size being 60 X 41 X 42 cm. Our specialized moving boxes experts, have the stamina and technique to load and unload boxes in record time, helping us achieve high customer satisfaction levels.
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Customers pack their own stuff and we come and move their belongings and furniture from their pick-up address to their drop-off location. Charges start at pickup and finish at drop off for local Melbourne moves.
Furniture removals specialists will move your furniture within your home and / or garage so you can have carpets re-done, painting done. We will return to replace the furniture in the locations that you desire.  If you just would like to change locations of your furniture within your dwelling or office, we can definitely help you.
Our professional removalists packs and move your belongings and furniture with additional stops between pick-up and drop-off destination. There is no extra charge for additional pickups and drop offs as long as they are within 10km radius, just the hourly rate applies.
Our professional home movers loads your already packed belongings and furniture into your rented moving truck, enclosed trailer, pod or storage container. Our Teams will come on our own trucks because our trucks carry moving trolleys and other equipment which will be required to load. This king of service is most economical if you are going interstate or out into the Country. Tips on Loading the Truck on Your Own follow :

Unloading Only: Our Removalists unloads your belongings and furniture from your rented moving truck, enclosed trailer, pod or storage container. This king of service is most suitable if you have moved into Melbourne from interstate or Country and needs another hand to unload and rearrange your furniture , assemble beds etc. Please note our truck will still be required because it carries tools and equipment which will be needed in unloading furniture safely and carefully without damage.

We are the piano moving experts , especially the upright piano. Our teams come with the piano Dolley and moving straps and can manage tight doorways and stairs efficiently.

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We started our Interstate moving in 2017. Our backloads option gives our customers option of cheap costs along with the choice of extra pickups and drop offs along the way.  For more detail refer to link below :

Check our charges section for detail of rates.

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If you choose our expert furniture removalists, we guarantee that you will receive prompt and courteous attention from our relocation specialists, economical prices, and respectful service from our movers.

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