Washing Machine Removal Tips


Moving a Washing Machine seems a no-brain er , but make no mistake there are risks which needs to be considered.

  • Washing machine drums should be locked before the move, otherwise it will void the warranty . There are 2 locking screws at the back, which should be screwed in and screwed out before using the machine.
  • Washing machine never drain all the water inside them, so it is advisable to leave the door open for a few days to get all the water evaporate.
  • When you carry a washing machine, carry it straight and do not tilt the machine, as this can cause water inside to drip.
  • Washing machines are connected with hot and cold water valves, these valves remain open through out your stay in the house. Over time the valve rubber seal can corrode and may not close properly or close at all. This can cause a flood if went unnoticed after you move out of the house. So a close inspection of the valve is always recommended after disconnecting the machine hose.
  • Sometimes the washing machine is in a very difficult position to move, and it may require special lifts or jacks to lift to a appropriate position to move.
  • Clear the pathway before the move and make sure there are no trip hazard present in the house.
  • Using a lift trolley is the best way.
  • Do not bend your back while lifting , bend your knees to avoid back injury.
  • Removals truck should be positioned in a clear and open location, so the machine can be lifted and approached by at-least 2 men.
  • Washing machine move over the stairs will need 2 men.
Good luck with your move and do not forget to contact the pros at Melbourne City Movers if you need any more assistance.
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