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Our Removalists in Melbourne have been moving pianos for local families, professionals and institutions for years. Piano moving is an art, it requires specialized equipment, knowledge & experience. There are many things to consider and proper plans to be made, before a successful Piano move.

To successfully deliver a piano to its destination one has to think about protecting the expensive piano and removalist and the home. There are around 4500 moving parts in an Upright Piano, and can weigh upto 500 kilos. In a grand piano there can be around 9500 moving parts and can weigh higher than 550 Kilos. Moving a Piano is not easy , its a very precise and delicate operation which can be very dangerous if an untrained person tries to handle the move.

  • Piano is heavy and will need a piano trolley or moving straps.
  • Stairs can make the piano move very difficult and one wrong step can cause serious damage to both the piano and the removalist. Sometimes a ramp may be required to move over stairs or at least 4 men.
  • Using dodgy Piano moving trolleys over wooden floor boards, can cause sink marks over the surface. Piano trolley tyers should have inflatable tyers and air pressure to be maintained at a medium level.
  • The Piano move needs to be smooth, so there is minimal tuning required after the move. One serious bump can render the Piano keys unrepairable.
  • To avoid dents to sharp timber frame edges (especially near the entry doors), lifting straps may be required instead of the Piano trolley. An experienced piano mover can make this decision based on the surroundings.
  • Piano move should only be attempted over hard surface. Crush rock driveways or turf grass is not suitable surface for piano moving.

We do not advice anybody to handle a Piano unless one has undergone specific training. A Piano is heavy enough already and an odd shaped house or stairs can baffle even the most experienced removalist.

Our Piano Removals are one of the most recommended in Melbourne area. We have gained a reputation based on our skills, patience and calm attitude. Physical size also matters when handling heavy items, so we have highly trained managers who allocate the jobs as per skill level of the removalist. Out Piano removalists are not only well trained in handling a small uprite piano but can also effectively move a grand piano up and down the stairs in multi storey buildings.

Check out our Piano Moving Guide for assistance in a DIY piano move.

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