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Furniture Removalists Melbourne

We are Removalists Melbourne VIC trusts. Melbourne City Movers are not only the oldest, reliable but also the most professional & affordable house furniture moving & removals company in Melbourne citySuburbs & Interstate. Ours is a registered company under Australian Business Names Act, 1962 in FURNITURE removals & Transport. 

Removals & Movers Melbourne Services

From a small house with a few furniture items to a big mansion, we have been moving everything not only within Melbourne but also Interstate. We specialize in moving furniture items, and it can include piano, a fish tank, a painting or an antique.

Recent Moves in Melbourne

Date : 23 Jan 2021
From : Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000 To 815 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Job Details : Moving Medium Size Apartment within Melbourne City with lift access both sides.

Time & Costs of Moving : 4 Hrs move, Total costs were $495 including GST. 2 men with small truck were used.

Date : 23 Sep 2022
From : 27 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000 to 3 Yarra street, South Yarra

Job Details : Packing & Moving 1 bedroom apartment with lift access. Port-a-robe boxes were supplied with the packing materials.

Time & Cost of Moving : 8 Hrs Pack and Move, Total costs were $1506 including GST, 3 men with large truck were used.

Date : 04 Jan 2021
From : 464 Collins st, Melbourne, VIC 3000 To 23 Blackwood st, North Melbourne

Job Details : Moving 2 Bed house within Melbourne City with lift access both sides. Lifts were booked for 1 pm start and our teams started on time and finished within 3 hours.

Time & Costs of Moving : 3 Hrs move, Total costs were $355 including GST. 2 men with small truck were used.

Date : 20 Jan 2021
From : 570 Lygon st, Carlton to 27 Little Collins st, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Job Details : Moving few items over 2 levels of stairs. 2 Men with a 2 ton Van were used.

Time & Cost of Moving : 2 Hrs move, Total costs were $255 including GST.

Date : 07 Dec 2020
From : 12 Mariott street in St kilda To 668 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000

Job Details : This was a small house/apartment within Melbourne City with 3 levels of stairs at pickup and lifts at Bourke street. Parking was done at the back of the Bourke street building.

Time & Cost of Moving : It took 5 Hours to complete the move. Total costs were $545 including GST & Stairs. 2 men with small truck were used. It took considerably longer to move for a small house because of stairs and parking distance from the lifts and disassembly and reassembly requirements.

Date : 25 Mar 2021
From : 319 Plummer street in Port Melbourne to 560 Lonsdale street in Melbourne 3000.

Job Details : This was a small house/apartment move from a storage in Port Melbourne to Melbourne City. Truck Parking was at delivery bay on Healeys Lane. The Concierge people guided the removalists and the move went to Plan.

Time & Cost of Moving : 2 men with a truck took 3 hours to move the contents of the storage, total cost was $355 including GST.

Date : 22 Aug 2022
From : 33 Mackenzie street in Melbourne 3000 to 68 Latrobe street in Melbourne 3000.

Job Details : This was a small house/studio apartment move within same block in the city of Melbourne. Items to move were : Queen bed & Mattress, two large potted plants, coffee table, couch, chest of draws, bookcase & washing machine. Public liability Certificate was required by the building management, which was provided upfront to book the lifts. Customer chose to help in the move to save costs so only 1 removalist was hired with a 2 ton Van.

Time & Cost of Moving : 1 Man with a Van took 2 hours to complete this move . The total cost was $300 including GST.

About our Melbourne Removalists : Ours is a family of Removalists spanning two generations. Melbourne City Movers has gained exemplary knowledge & experience in Piano & Furniture Removals, thus enabling us to turn your house moving plans into reality in a professional manner. A loyal, fully qualified and experienced moving team form the backbone of this company. Furthermore, we use professional furniture moving equipment and tools, achieving the full satisfaction of our customers.

Removals Training : Our new generation of Melbourne Removalists are trained and put through rigorous training programs, making them one of the best in Melbourne’s Furniture Removals industry. No Job is too big or too small for our experienced teams. We have been successful in completing highly difficult moving jobs involving concrete outdoor tables, commercial cooking machines, heavy cabinets over narrow stair cases etc. Also, our competitive price range suits all types of moving needs. In conclusion, making us simply the best option within Melbourne &  interstate.

Our Moving Work & Ethics: We pride ourselves in expert moving & quality packing, ensuring all removals work stands apart & recognized. As a result, most of our clients are our regular customers who always depend on us for their moving needs. Moving House furniture is an art which comes with experience & commitment, consequently without which not many people survive in furniture removals & moving industry for too long.

In other words, our long history as Removalists Melbourne is a testimony of our sincerity and hard work. Our customer reviews on Google are real and we do not manipulate them like other moving companies. We trust our quality & experience and believe in our destiny.

In short if your Moving in Melbourne City, Suburbs, within the state of Victoria or even Interstate, our Melbourne Removalists can help you with all of your furniture Moving, Packing and Removal needs.

Range of  Furniture Removal Vehicles

We have range of options suitable for your everyday Moving needs in Melbourne.

  • From Smallest Van to the largest Truck
  • From 1 man to 3 men

Hourly Rate / Other Van Options

Melbourne City Movers

Our Business Aim

  • To provide a Professional Furniture Removals service in Melbourne, not only at an affordable price but also the highest quality.
  • State of the art moving equipment and sincere work ethic.
  • Utmost respect towards our customers and their belongings.
  • Be the best House Moving company in Melbourne and seek to expand our loyal customer base every year.

Most Noteworthy : Our Melbourne Movers are available 7 days a week for your relocation needs. Look no further if you want the best and cheap removalist in Melbourne, call the pros at Melbourne City Movers today.

Finally, check our Cost saving tips & Moving House Checklist & Useful Links. Thank you for your interest in “Melbourne City Movers”.

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