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Melbourne City Movers are moving interstate and International since 2018. We entered this market to create more competition because companies were charging over the top rates and ripping off customers.

Being Melbourne’s best & affordable in moving services, it was our goal to help our interstate customers.

Melbourne City movers offers you competitive pricing with top class services.

  • Option of Back-loads from all major cities in Australia.
  • Tie ups with major international moving companies like Moovaz.
  • Experienced in international standard packing service.
  • Specialize in container loading for long travels.
  • Shorter waiting times in transport and dispatch.

Furthermore Our Reviews are genuine and our prices are unbeatable.

Below are our fixed price back-loads from selected Melbourne – Interstate destinations, back-loads help us reduce cost but delivery dates may vary depending on our back-load date compatibility.

4T21 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Sydney$3100
6T33 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Sydney$4000
8T44 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Sydney$4800


4T21 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Adelaide$3000
6T33 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Adelaide$3800
8T44 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Adelaide$4500


4T21 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Brisbane$5000
6T33 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Brisbane$6200
8T44 Cubic MetersMelbourne/Brisbane$7500


Succesfully completed Interstate Jobs

Date 12 Aug 2021

From : Welcome road in Diggers Rest, VIC 3427
To: Taloumbi Road, Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450
Amount of Furniture : 15 Cubic meters
Total Cost of the Move : $3400 inc GST.

Keith organized this move with us. He previously moved with another company from Sydney to Melbourne, but this time he chose us based on our reputation and reviews. Keith was very happy with the move and cost.

Date 30 June 2021

From : Robinson st, Moonee Ponds
To: Towns street, Michelton. Brisbane QLD 4053
Amount of Furniture : 10-15 Cubic meters
Total Cost of the Move : $2000 inc GST.

Tate organized this move on behalf of her workplace “Sisters of Charity”. Main items were luggage and boxes and no white goods or furniture was involved. Tate moved with us previously from Sydney to Melbourne, and she was really happy, so she decided to talk to us again this time. Pickup was on the 30th June but delivery could only be made after 5 july. So we have to store her stuff for a few days as well.

Date 10 April 2021

From : Blanche street in Yarraville, Victoria
To: St Judes Street in Willuga SA 5172
Amount of Furniture : 70 Cubic meters
Total Cost of the Move : $6600 inc GST.

William organized this move with us and he was very happy with the service. All his furniture including his small and large pot plants were well cared for. We checked his packing by inspecting frequently before the move , so there was no issue with the size of truck and amount of stuff.

Date : 20 April 2021

From : George street in Yarraville VIC 3013
To: Ludgate Hill Road, Aldgate SA
Amount of Furniture : 33 Cubic meters
Total Cost of the Move : $4300 inc GST.

Sherry organized this move with us and this was a 2 bedroom, double storey house move with a study room as well. We inspected the amount of furniture and quoted the best possible price for Sherry. All furniture was loading the night before on 20 April and delivered on 21 April. Sherry was very happy with the service and promised to recommend to family and friends.

Date : 30 July 2021

From : Heath Av in Oakleigh, Vic 3166
To: Summerville Cr, Florey, ACT, 2615
Amount of Furniture : 25 Cubic meters
Total Cost of the Move : $3300 inc GST.

Mic organized this move to Canberra with us , he was our existing local customer. He chose Melbourne City Movers for this interstate move because he was very happy with our previous services. His move went very smoothly , he thanked the moving team for making his move possible in the locked down phase of covid pandemic.

Steps to successful  Interstate / International Move

  1. Our Interstate moving Teams visit and provide an accurate cost of packing and moving. 
  2. On the move day, our packing teams will pack all your furniture and belongings to international standard.
  3. A suitable container / Truck will arrive at your premises for loading. If there is no space, we will load the container at our depot using trucks. ( Container option is for International moves only, Interstate is Truck option only )
  4. Photos will be taken at each stage of the move. Before and after pics of the furniture will also be taken. ( International moves only )
  5. Inventory of all the loaded items will be double checked against our initial list. ( International moves only )
  6. Seal the container and record the seal number with photos. ( International moves only )
  7. Update customer regularly in regards to the location of the container. ( International moves only )

Below are our international & Interstate moving tips :

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