Hourly Rate Vs Fixed price?

When you become aware that you are moving or have to move, you will automatically start thinking about the cost of Furniture Removals. Once you start talking to moving companies you may become aware of the actual or approximate cost of moving or hourly price.

Most moving companies will only provide you an hourly rate and will only give you a fixed cost of moving, if you ask them for it specifically.

Fixed price or Hourly rate , both have advantages and disadvantages, best decision really depend on personal circumstances and the moving company you choose.

Fixed Price Advantages

  • You are assured of the total price of moving.
  • There are no disagreements or issues about cost at the end of the moving job.
  • In regards to long distance moving jobs, you can ask for discount or negotiate a deal.
  • Will not go over budget.

Fixed Price Disadvantages

  • During costing stage , all moving companies will assess for stairs, lift, parking distance, disassembly & reassembly of furniture and traffic conditions. Assessment will take a worse case scenario approach and so time and cost will be a lot more than what would it would have taken in real world situation.

Hourly Rate Advantages

  • Pay for the time spent in moving furniture.
  • Can ask the moving to stop at any stage, if you feel you can move the balance of furniture items yourself.
  • Can opt out of toll ways and choose alternative transport routes to save cost.

Hourly Rate Disadvantages

  • Some people will have anxiety when the clock is ticking and still a lots of furniture is still to be moved.
  • Can go over what you budgeted for.
  • Sometime people are not aware of extra cost of stairs , tolls and it can hurt a little and spoil the mood at the end of job.

Conclusion : From our experience hourly rate with a rough estimate will turn out to be the most cost effective. Reason being that we work honestly and care for our customers and will not be taking advantage of the hourly rate. For us our customer’s good feedback is too important. But this cannot be true for other companies.

So the decision will depend on your personal circumstances and the moving company you are choosing. May be check the moving company reviews as well before you decide.

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